Thursday, July 11, 2013

City Weddings!

Last weekend I had the pleasure of attending my cousin's wedding! Yey, parties are always such a good reason to go shopping for a new dress! ;)

The ceremony took place in Helsinki Cathedral, from which we moved to the wedding reception with a small ferry ;) The wedding reception was held in a restaurant called "NJK", which is found on a separate Island called Valkosaari, in Helsinki.

To be honest I'm not the greatest fan of city weddings with restaurant receptions, but this time I must say I liked it! A restaurant on a small island couldn't be more perfect for this occasion :)

The villa-type restaurant NJK, located on the small island of Valkosaari, was built in 1900. Name NJK comes from a yacht club "Nylandska Jaktklubben", founded in 1861. The restaurant is one of the best locations for festivities during summer season, the most popular crayfish restaurant in town - and a wonderful setting for a tasty meal. The tall, spacious Middle room is surrounded by a bright covered veranda with large windows and a view towards the Market Square and Katajanokka.


The weather changed all day from sunny to rainy, and sunny again :) And during the wedding ceremony we heard the thunder pounding with a massive rain shower. But it's said that a rain during wedding ceremony brings luck to the couple, so in this case they should have plenty of it! :)

Congrats again to the lovely newlyweds! :)


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