Friday, April 5, 2013

Resist frustration!

Between all the circles of daily, weekly, or even yearly routines, I try to challenge myself and You to break out from the frustration of everyday cycles and habits, which we normally call Life.

To be honest , I've never written anything publicly, so this blogging thing is a totally new thing for me, and I hope to improve in it along with my posts, so that they would be as useful for you as I believe they will be for me.

Most of the time, at least I, people take the smaller positive things simply for granted without putting any effort nor thought in them, which usually leads to forgetting them easily. Well, I'd like to keep my blog as a reminder how the big & small everyday joys should be better cherished and remembered.

So when we face downhills in the everlasting roller coaster called life, there are hopefully always posts to remind of the small things of life!


  1. Well come to the interesting world of blogging people:)

  2. Thanks Hanne for your welcoming wishes! :)


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