Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Waiting for summer holiday!

My ideal hideout!
It's been too long since my last post, but what can I say -  I'm sorry.

To be honest this summer has taken me away from my laptop so effectively, that I can't complain.

There's so much to do, and the best part is yet to come - Holiday!

I have never waited for my holiday like this...Well, maybe 'cause I rarely tend to plan anything until my holiday starts and I'll begin to stress about not having any plans.. How ironic ;)

But this year everything will be different, as I have made all the necessary reservations and payments in advance for basically every weekend for this summer :) Weekdays I have left open for sunbathing and socializing :) I got tickets to Weekend Festivals in Helsinki, and a Cabin with outside jacuzzi rented for another wknd, then tickets to the Greek's Island Crete, and lot of pre-planned parties with family and friends!

I know this sounds stupid, as who wouldn't plan everything in advance etc... but nope, usually not me! I'm more of an "go with the flow" -kind of person, which means I wake up to things in the last minute ;) So you must try to image how excited I am :))

Well, till then I'll try to enjoy my time at our own summer cabin with lovely quiet nature

Enjoy the summer time!!


  1. Olitteko Teerisaaressa??

    1. Jep, siellä on niin kiva grillata ja ottaa arskaa! :)


  2. The landscape is familiar, but what are these boards in the boat???

    Holiday is soon coming, you must be just calm and enjoy the next weekend:)

    1. The "boards" are the oars for the boat. And I think there's also a small paddle for emergencies ;)
      But wknd starts tomorrow, so no worries - I promise to only relax and enjoy! :D

  3. We've also got lots of tipos topos advice on everything from what to pack to which board type to book so you can plan the ultimo holiday and make the mostos of your hard-earned cash. Holiday Square

  4. I really enjoyed reading about your excitement. I was myself too excited when I had first visited London and stayed at beautiful hotel which provided number of services to fulfill all of my holiday expectations.


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